My LipSense Tips & Tricks

Check out My LipSense Tips & Tricks: 

  1. Shake it, Shake it- Be sure to shake it like a polaroid picture. Shaking your LipSense before use will allow the pigments to mix for a more uniform color.
  2. Swiper No Swiping- Its important to apply LipSense in three thin layers.  Start by wiping off any excess product on your applicator. Then starting at one corner of your lip, swipe a thin layer to the other side. Repeat for each layer. Too much product will cause your LipSense to be clumpy.
  3. Line Drill– Before applying your first coat of LipSense, you can use the tip of the applicator to line your lips.
  4. Let it Dry- Be sure to let each layer of LipSense dry completely before applying your next layers and your gloss. This will help your color form 3 separate layers and keep your shade lasting all day.
  5. Just keep Glossing, Glossing, Glossing– Keep your gloss handy, especially during the first few weeks of using LipSense. Since the product contains a cosmetic grade alcohol, you lips will go through an exfoliation process to shed any wax build up from chapstick and dead skin cells. After using LipSense for a week or two, your lips should be soft and moisturized.
  6. Trash the Chap– Chapstick causes wax to build up on your lips and you will start the exfoliation process all over again. You can use your gloss or the SeneGence Moisturizing Lip Balm when you don’t have your color on to help keep your lips moisturized and break your chapstick addiction.
  7. Mix and Match– Owning more than one LipSense color is a must! You can mix and match by layering different colors to create a unique shade. I love trying out new combos every day. The more colors you have the more combinations you can make.

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Please let me know if you have any questions!

-Shelby Rae

Planner Essentials

If you only know one thing about me it might be that I am an organization freak. Nothing makes me feel better than getting all the things swirling around in my head on paper. Ok, maybe one thing….crossing those things off my to do list. And I have to admit sometimes I add things to my list just so I can cross them off… confessions of a planner addict. These days its hard to find time to get creative but I feel giddy when I am able to get my creative juices flowing and organize at the same time.  And I can’t wait to share my planner essentials with you!

Lets start with the planner:

I have researched planners for years searching for my perfect companion. And this girl can’t take a stroll through target or office depot without waltzing down the planner isle to make sure I am not missing out on something. I finally settled on a Create 365 The Happy Planner. I love having the ability to take out, move, and add more pages without tearing them. This gives me the ability to be creative and change my mind (which I tend to do a lot). I add in my note pages when needed for things like grocery and packing lists. You can even purchase a fitness, budget, and wedding extension packs to add to your planner! You can also change the cover which is fabulous when you need a little change of pace but don’t want to buy an entire new planner.

This is my an example of my weekly page. The three separated sections are perfect for creating exactly what YOU need for YOUR life. When I was in class everyday, I used the top section for my class schedule, the middle section for school work/study plan, and the bottom section for my personal to-do list.

Now that I have my own little business and blog, I use the top section for Blog/Social Media Planning, the middle section for my personal schedule, and the bottom section for miscellaneous lists, quotes, or to-do lists. I love being able to customize it for my current needs.

Photo Jul 11, 3 20 25 PM

Next comes the stickers: 

Y’all! I love stickers. I have slowly accumulated a large selection of adorable stickers for my Happy Planner. I have the seasonal ones that I like to decorate my monthly pages with to inspire me to get into the holiday spirit. Stickers with inspirational quotes cover my weekly pages. These give the extra little encouragement I need to get through the day/week. And my absolute favorites, The productivity stickers. From to do list to goals, bill paying, meal planning, and appointment reminders….These stickers have my heart. I use these on my weekly pages to help me keep up with my daily schedule. They also have teacher, fitness, mom life, and student stickers.

And Guess what?!? These are all on sale right now! Click the links above. (And if you miss this sale you can always use your 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby or Michaels)

Photo Jul 11, 3 45 16 PM

Now the Pens/Highlighters:

I am such a picky pen girl. I had to make labels with my name on them for all my pens in clinic because I will go crazy if someone steals them. I am in love with the black Pilot G-2 Bold. It also comes in fine and extra fine depending on how thick you like your pen strokes. I use Stabilo Pens  for detailed writing because they are the perfect point size and come in so many beautiful colors. Zebrite Double-ended highlighters are my go-to for my planner and bible because they don’t bleed through the pages.

Goal-Setting and Ideas: 

For my more goal-orientated task and brainstorming, I turn to my Recollections “Plan It Like It’s Hot” Journal. It has a section for individual to-do list with categories for things like errands, appointments, emails, and phone calls. I divide the pages by months so I can plan things months in advance. It also has a monthly goals section where I set at 3 business goals and 2 personal goals for my self each months. Then I create a social media/blog post ideas list where I can jot down ideas when inspiration strikes. The last part of the journal is filled with notes pages where I keep lists of potential clients, passwords, and promotional ideas. You can purchase it at Michaels!

Photo Jul 11, 3 49 22 PM

I am so happy to share my love for organizing and creative planning with you all. Please let me know if you have any questions. I hope I can inspire you to make your planner planning more productive and beautiful.

What are your favorite planner essentials? Comment below and let me know!

-Shelby Rae


My Easy Summertime SeneGence Look


Check out this video to see my go-to Summertime Look with all Senegence products!! 

Products Used: 

MakeSense Silk Pore and Wrinkle Minimizer, $60

SenseCosmetics White Color Correcting Concealer, $25

MakeSense Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer (Medium), $45

Candlelight Creme to Powder ShadowSense, $22

Moca Java Creme to Powder ShadowSense, $22

Only Creme to Powder ShadowSense, $22

Toasted Rose BlushSense, $30

LashSense Black Mascara, $25

Natural Translucent Loose Powder, $50

Dark Pink LipSense, $25

Apple Cider LipSense, $25

LipSense Rose Gloss, $20

Please let me know if you have any questions about this look or you would like to try one  of the amazing products! I am so happy with my new make-up routine and can tell a huge difference in my skin health, 


6 Favorite Products for Summer

You all know how much I love SeneGence products with LipSense being my absolute favorite but I also have some other amazing products that you need to know about. These are all a part of my daily routine this summer and you should make them apart of yours. Click images to order yours today!

Photo Jul 09, 3 13 37 PM

1. Dr. Teals Pure Epsom Salt Body Wash, Soothe and Moisturize with Lavender, $10  

Not only amazing for sore muscles after working out, but the best scent for helping you fall asleep at night. It also makes your skin so incredibly soft. My husband loves this stuff!!

2. Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Soft Waves Sea Salt Spray, Tropical Banana Scent, $5.99

I have used this product for several years and I am in love with the new Tropical Scent. It is perfect for a son beach wave look for summer. I curl my hair with a curling wand, hair spray, then spritz with this for a fresh from the beach look!

 3. Eco Tools, Make-up Brushes, $10 

Eco Tools are some of the best brushes that I have ever used. They are absolutely amazing and this set comes with an adorable pouch! I use a different brush for every part of my make-up routine.  

4. Batiste Dry Shampoo Spray, Tropical, $7.99

Hands down, the best dry shampoo I have ever used. The tropical scent is perfect for summer time. I have no idea how I would make it through a week without this product. 5. Sally Hansen, Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Color, $6.99

This nail polish is Ahhh-mazing y’all! It feels similar to a dip or gel manicure. I am really hard on my nails and this polish is the best I have found to keep my nails from chipping mid week. My two favorite colors are Hot Magenta and Mauve Over.

6. Kindred Goods Hand Cream and Perfume from Old Navy, Sea Salt and Fig, $6 

I discovered these amazing products at Old Navy. The Sea Salt and Fig is my favorite scent. It is light and airy and perfect for summer!Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 6.56.39 PM

Happy Summer! 

        -Shelby Rae

It’s Only a Problem When it is Full Price



It’s Only a Problem When It’s Full Price!

Are you in love with your LipSense Products? Are you interested in getting your LipSense and all other Senegence Products at 20-50% off? Join my Team and become a Senegence Distributor today!

You can do this purely as a “Make up Membership” to get your LipSense on sale. Or you can sell it to make some extra money to pay for your LipSense addiction an even your bills.

What is it all about: 
1) $55 joining fee.
2) Must spend $200 retail within the first 6 months (which is a lot easier than you think) to keep your membership active.
3) Enjoy 20-50% of every order, depending on how much you have ordered that month.
4)As your sponsor, You will have my support with whatever you need!
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You don’t even have to live in Texas or Arkansas to be on my team. When you join, I will be there for you every step of the way,  including advice, product knowledge, social media resources, and graphics. There is also a fantastic network of distributors who are always willing to lend a helping hand. This is amazing company that is growing like crazy right now! And our products are to die for!

Join now and see what it is all about! Message me with any questions!

Intro to LipSense

LipSense/SeneGence Make-up has literally changed my make-up life. I typically don’t wear make-up especially lipstick due to the fact that I had to reapply it multiple times a day. And ain’t nobody got time for that!

I can put on my LipSense in the morning and enjoy beautiful looking lips all day long. I became a distributor to share this amazing product with friends and family. I am not looking to start a career (I already have one planned out lol) but I just want to help other women feel beautiful and confident with these amazing products.

It is perfect for nurses, teachers, and all of you boss ladies out there. I also think it would have been amazing back in my cheer days. I can remember my lipstick being gone before the first quarter was over!

The LipSense Starter Kit is $55 and comes with a beautiful color or your choice, a gloss of your choice, and a remover. These 3 products work together as a brilliant team.

COLOR: The LipSense colors are alcohol based so the molecularly bond to your lips. It is very important to apply 3 thin layers and allowing each layer to dry before applying the next.

GLOSS: Finishing up your color with gloss is the key to keeping your lips hydrated and your color vibrant all day long. It is infused with shea butter and vitamin E and makes your lips feel amazing! My Favorite is the bougainvillea gloss. Its is a pinking-red so it adds to my color, keeps my lips hydrated, and I can wear it all by it’s self when i need a low key look.

REMOVER: The Oops Remover is perfect for touch ups. Just at the LipSense bonds to you lips it will also bond to your skin if you go outside the lines. You can also use it as a primer! It can help you remover your color at the end of the day but I also recommend getting neutrogena bar soap. It works like a charm.

Please let me know if you have any questions!! And be sure to follow me for more info and deals!